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Research and strategy is at the core of all my outputs. I believe in using quantitative, quality and in-person data in order to create strategies which resonate with the audiences for whom they are intended. The below represents a small sample of this work which ranges from period products to fashion to motoring, as well as work for NGOs. 

Lil-Lets Talk

Client: Lil-Lets | Agency: Retroviral

Retroviral tasked me with research and analysis surrounding attitudes towards period products, gender fluidity, the  marketing of period products and the virtual communities which provide most safety. Research and insights supported strategy which Lil Lets Talk which an online peer and medical professional moderated platform for all things periods. Further to my research, I also participated as a moderator and a community social manager for the branded page, and the participatory elements certainly helped strengthen the analytical ones.


Design Futures 

Client: Twyg & British Council South Africa

Working with Twyg (Sustainable Design Magazine/Lab), I have been involved as a workshop host (storytelling), panel chair and consulted on a Design Futures Lab which took place in 2022. This has involved working with young storytellers, creating compelling content to encourage participation and connecting with local and international sustainable design practitioners through online conversation.

Coke Threds

Client: CocaCola South Africa |

Agency: Nicola Cooper and Associates / Off Limit Communications

Consulted and devised public relations for Coke Threds. The project saw Coke colaborate with 5 local designers to launch a set of capsule collections, with a focus on the teen market. Coverage included: Superbalist, Independent Online, Snobette, VISI


Client: | Agency: Retroviral

Working with Retroviral, I was tasked to do deep-dive trend research on the local and international marketing industries. The particular foci was on what consumers expected from online dealers, what USPs they were most interested in - insofar as the cars themselves, and what messaging/visual messaging turned them on and off.

This Is How We South Africa

Client: South African Tourism | Agency: Activ8 Guru

Development of a 360 degree influencer strategy focused on showcasing South Africa in novel ways (beyond safaris and wildlife) and in particular, position SA as an appealing journey to young, African travellers. This work included strategy, seeding the influencers, creative ideation and the actual production (or commissioning) of the projects themselves.



Due to NDAs, restraints of trade, protection of private information and other legal whatnot, I can't show you everything in public.

Drop me a mail to see more work, or get more insight into the projects in this portfolio sample.

Be warned: there's lots more where this came from.

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